Silkscreen Printing

We employ silkscreen printing (also known as screen printing) to print out your selected designs on it. This method of printing can be used to print on a variety of items, including fabric, cups and even jigsaw puzzles! Items printed via silkscreen wash well and the prints are usually quite durable.

When screen printing, colors are applied one at a time. Therefore, the price increases with each additional color.

If you’re printing only a small quantity of items, it might not be cost efficient to use silkscreen printing.

Things to know about silkscreen printing:
1. Printing size
Our printing maximum size based in three sizes:
A4 = maximum 21.0cm x 29.0cm or 8 inch x 11 inch and below
A3 = maximum 29.7cm x 42.0 cm or 11inch x 16 inch and below

2. Printing location
Print exactly where you want.
Choose from center chest, front, upper back, lower back and etc.